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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The end of the line? (or at least a while?)

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Here's a picture of our "new" fridge. Actually, it's our crappy beer fridge from the garage in its new home in the kitchen. Our other one died a couple days ago and because we're remodeling soon it didn't make sense to buy a new one now. Anything we'd get for the new kitchen would probably be too big to fit in the current space. So, long story short - it's the only fridge we have for a while which means most of my cake baking/decorating will be on hold until said kitchen remodel is complete (3 - 4 yrs from now??). I say end of the line because this little guy was where I'd put my crumb coated cakes before finishing them. Without a back up fridge, I'm lost!

Contractors promise it's a 4-6 week job, max, but I tend not to believe them.

So, no cakes for while, but that doesn't mean no cupcakes!!!!

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