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Monday, April 7, 2008

Zachary's cake

Zachary's cake
Originally uploaded by the schneider clan
Zach's famous volcano cake. I gave Doug grief that he didn't get a good shot of the cake, so he's work some photoshop magic and make me a prettier version, so sit tight. Below, a shot of the cake in action, thanks to some dry ice.

Vanilla buttercream with vanilla cake. Chocolate transfers for the letters and dinosaurs.

Zachary's cake in action


Bobi said...

Hi, you don't know mee but I went on line searching for cute volcano cakes so I could make one for my son's 8th birthday. When I saw this cake I just fell in love with it. Thanks for making such an awesome cake!

Sara Schneider said...

Hi Bobi! So glad you liked it. It was really fun to make.