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Monday, June 16, 2008

Max and Stella's cake

Max and Stella's cake
Max turned 5 on June 8 and one of his best friends Stella turns 5 on the 21st, so we decided to have a joint b-day party (I should add they go to school together and have almost all of the same friends.) Maxie's cake ideas ran the gamut from subway car, to race car, to Amtrak train, to (well, I guess his ideas weren't that broad!) Finally he decided on a racetrack cake, which just so happens to be the same cake he wanted last year, for his 4th birthday. Perfect! Again with the cobbler's children thing, I didn't have a ton of time to get things together and make a new completely original cake, so I was very happy.

Same size - two 9-inch layer cakes, chocolate and vanilla bean, with chocolate buttercream filling, outside was colored vanilla bean frosting and chocolate cookies for the dirt. Last years cake had green coconut for grass, which people loved, but I thought it made the whole thing look like a monster so I decided black/white stripes fit in better.

I think someone has photos of the cake in action, with flags, candles, etc, and I'll post them when I get them.

Max and Stella's cake
Stella's name was on the other side, also in orange.

Making of the racetrack cake
The 9-inch layers pieced together

Making of the racetrack cake
crumb coat - looks a little bit like boobs, I think

Making of the racetrack cake
Lining up the circles


Penelope Walker said...

This race track cake is terrific! I just linked to your blog from the MyPunchbowl party planning blog where I wrote about a car racing party and online invitations. Great idea!

thatgirlblogs said...

love it -- copying ;)

Rachel said...

I used your picture as a template to make a cake for my nephew. Just finished it a few minutes ago! Thanks for posting this!