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Monday, July 14, 2008

Keri's mini cupcakes

My lovely wonderful brilliant friend Keri had a rad party last weekend and she asked me to bring some mini cupcakes. I made four different buttercreams: vanilla bean, chocolate, green tea and spice with matching cake flavors. I've had a teeny can of matcha powder for a long time and was happy to have a chance to use it. I think the buttercream color is awesome.

Doug took the pictures.

Keri's mini cupcakes

Keri's mini cupcakes

Your dessert is served


Stef said...

What a pretty shot of all those cupcake in the box!

Mark Salinas said...

The Green Tea looks interesting..how did it taste?

Sugar Beat Sweets said...

Ooh, I love the frosting! What tip did you use?

Sara Schneider said...

Mark - the green tea was excellent. I had a bag of matcha powder in my pantry for a while and finally decided to use it. Very subtle, not soapy tasting like can happen some time with too much green tea flavor.

Sugar Beat Sweets - used an Ateco large star tip, #824.