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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

New stamp!

Still unpacking and organizing the new kitchen, but wanted to share my latest gadget. My friend Sarah Rowland has a stationery business called Chasing Paper (no site yet, but you can email her at chasingpaperny AT yahoo DOT com). I ordered this cute Sara Bakes Cake stamp from her - made by Fontaine Maury. It's more of a bright green than the photo shows and I think it's just perfect. Sure beats the address labels I printed on the computer!

New Sara Bakes Cakes stamp!

Side note: I've been grabbing my photo html codes directly from Flickr. Does anyone know why they're always off center? I don't think they used to be. The shot looks fine on the preview screen of blogger, but once gets wonky once I post it.

Update: My brother thinks that maybe the medium size photo is too big for blogger, so trying again with the small size.
New Sara Bakes Cakes stamp!

Happy Birthday, Gus!

Gussie turned two last week so I sent him a b-day shout out on Apartment Therapy's ohdeedoh.