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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Dad's cake

Is it too late to say Happy New Year? Not sure what the protocol is, but since this is my first 2009 post, I'm just going to say it. Happy New Year!

Have been very busy enjoying our new kitchen - can I just say that I actually LIKE to empty the dishwasher now because everything in it has a place to live?

I've been baking quite a bit and am trying to find the time to get new projects up here. First up - my dad's 70th birthday cake. My wonderful father, Bob Golier, turned 70 at the end of December and my mother threw him a big surprise party. He expected a brunch for 10 people, and he got over 40!

He's a big golfing fan, so I did my best, with limited supplies (they're in Pittsburgh), to make him a golfy-type cake. I am not a big fan of using anything non-edible (or non buttercream or gumpaste for that matter) on my cakes/cupcakes, but because I also didn't have a lot of time I settled for the plastic "Golfing Man" thingy from Wilton and made the rest.

The cake was spice, with a vanilla buttercream frosting. I forgot to bring my secret ingredient with me, so had to settle for regular vanilla. It turned out great and I realized that as much as I love using the vanilla bean paste, those little vanilla beans get in the way sometimes. I didn't have gumpaste with me, so made the golf balls out of buttercream that I piped, froze and rolled into a ball (not really a process I'd recommend, it was a bit of a mess!)

Dad's golf cake

grandkids get a shout out

(I love a cake in action shot - going to have to get more of these!)

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wjbowden3 said...

OK Now this Cake Looks Awesome, COngrads, I myself hav eerecently gotten into cake decoratng, going to be getting ready to do a fatehrs day cake , and a 4th of july cake, but i am no where near as talented yet as you are, How long have you been doing cakes? You can see my cakes at http://bowdens-world.blogspot.com/ , though you have to go down the page a bit LOL, to see my cakes, i have done 4 total now, Thanks for sharin your pics of the aawesome cakes you do , Great Job
Sincerly Mrs Bowden