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Friday, March 27, 2009

Fire Truck Cupcakes

Update! I'm thrilled that Cupcakes Take the Cake blogged about these cupcakes on March 27. Thanks!

I've always had a thing for firemen (they're the only guys who can really pull off a mustache), and now I have a thing for gumpaste fire trucks. My search for a MINI fire truck cookie cutter was fruitless, so I had to improvise and make my own.

Cupcakes are vanilla bean with vanilla buttercream, fire trucks are gumpaste. Couldn't decide if the ladders looked best up or down (Doug said up, I thought down) so I did some of both. Handpainted the number 4 with food coloring. If I make them again I'd probably use some silver dust to make the number pop a little more.

Fire truck cupcake close up

Fire truck cupcakes
(btw - I love these cupcake boxes and holders. They make any cupcake look that much better)


pve design said...

My first visit here, found you via the Rivertowns Guide and I have a little something to send to you, part of my pay it forward, this fab friday - even if it is a gray and rainy day! Love your cakes!

Sara Schneider said...

Thanks for the compliment! Love your rainy Friday idea. Will do the same.

Joyce said...

Ohhh these cupcakes look tasty!

Rebecca said...

My parents were firefighters :) What was the occasion?

Sara Schneider said...

4th birthday for a little boy named Zachary. I sent his mom some ideas and Zachary liked these the best.

Shari@Whisk: a food blog said...

Those are adorable! I bet the birthday boy was ecstatic!

lyndsay said...

well done--! these are so cute!! :)

SANDRA said...

Sara...Thank you for the lovely cupcakes Nicholas loved them they were a sensation at school.
They were very tasty!!

B said...

Hi! Love these!