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Friday, June 12, 2009

Happy Birthday, Max!

First it was Mets/Max cupcakes for his kindergarten class, then Max requested a racetrack cake for his actual birthday party, held at a local slot car racing place.

I've had a lot of practice making racetrack cakes, because it's the exact same cake Max requested when he turned 4 and when he turned 5! So this is racetrack cake 3.0! Cake was a combo of vanilla bean and chocolate with vanilla buttercream. Track "dirt" made from crushed chocolate cookies, grass is buttercream, all other decorations made from gumpaste.

Racetrack cake, circa 2009

max cake close up 2

max cake close up
(thanks to Flickr user CakeJournal for the race car inspiration!)

Max and Stella's racetrack cake
Racetrack cake, circa 2008

Maxie's 4th birthday cake
Racetrack cake, circa 2007

My friend Mike Schneider (no relation) says at a good blog is all about video, so here goes!


Annie said...

I love these cakes! I'm thinking of doing something like this for my son's first b'day, but I don't know where to start! Is there a reason you used gumpaste for the checkered flag pattern instead of fondant?

Sara Schneider said...

Hi Annie - No real reason for using gumpaste over fondant for this cake. I think I just had a lot of gumpaste already made so I used that. If I were covering the whole cake, I'd use fondant, since gumpaste dries harder than fondant.

Annie said...

Thanks! I ended up covering my whole cake in fondant, so I used fondant for the checkers, too. It was so much fun to make - thank you for the inspiration!!

Here it is: