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Monday, June 15, 2009

Fire truck cake for Nicholas

The fire truck cupcakes were such a big hit, I thought I'd do a fire truck cake! Actually, was contacted by a friend of a friend to make a fire truck cake for her son Nicholas, who was turning 2. Nicholas has some food allergies - eggs, milk, nuts and even soy are no-nos, but butter, fortunately, was not.

Nicholas' mom gave me recipe she used to make muffins but had never tried as a cake. I modified it a bit (using butter instead of oil, upping the liquids) and it turned out pretty great (at least from the little crumbs that I was able to taste while putting it together).

All the decorations are made from gumpaste. I'm not a big fan of the alphabet cutters from Wilton, and have been using ones from Fox Run instead. These, called Tappits, are going to be my next purchase, I think, but I hear they're a little trickier to use than regular cutters.

The fire truck shape came from a Google search of fire truck coloring pages. I found one I liked the best, shrunk it on my copier and traced it on to a piece of gumpaste. Much better looking than freehand, especially when it's my hand doing the freehanding!

Nicholas' Fire Truck Cake

Nicholas' Fire Truck Cake

Friday, June 12, 2009

Happy Birthday, Max!

First it was Mets/Max cupcakes for his kindergarten class, then Max requested a racetrack cake for his actual birthday party, held at a local slot car racing place.

I've had a lot of practice making racetrack cakes, because it's the exact same cake Max requested when he turned 4 and when he turned 5! So this is racetrack cake 3.0! Cake was a combo of vanilla bean and chocolate with vanilla buttercream. Track "dirt" made from crushed chocolate cookies, grass is buttercream, all other decorations made from gumpaste.

Racetrack cake, circa 2009

max cake close up 2

max cake close up
(thanks to Flickr user CakeJournal for the race car inspiration!)

Max and Stella's racetrack cake
Racetrack cake, circa 2008

Maxie's 4th birthday cake
Racetrack cake, circa 2007

My friend Mike Schneider (no relation) says at a good blog is all about video, so here goes!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Maxie's (or Mets) Cupcakes

My sweet Maxie (a non-cupcake lover/eater, imagine that) turned 6 on June 8 and today he got to celebrate with his kindergarten class. He's a huge Mets fan and requested baseballs with a M on them. Actually, what he originally asked for was "a big green wall on each cupcake, with a baseball flying over it," but since he wasn't a paying customer I steered him in the direction of a ball with an M on it:)

Max and I agreed that there may be some people in his class who aren't Mets fans, including his teacher, so we told everyone, it's M for Max OR for Mets.

The circles and Ms are made from gumpaste, and I painted on the stripes with some powdered orange food coloring mixed with vodka. Have been looking for a reason to use the striped liners I got last year at Surfas, and I think these are a perfect combo.

Maxie's baseball cupcakes

Maxie's baseball cupcakes

Maxie's baseball cupcakes
Ready for their trip to kindergarten

Friday, June 5, 2009

Aileen's cupcakes

I'm way behind in getting photos of new things on here, but I'm just waiting until the powers-that-be decide to add a couple more hours in the day and then I'll do it!

Made these cupcakes last weekend for a friend's daughter's engagement party. 36 cupcakes with gumpaste flowers. Went a little crazy with the colors, but I think bright colors can be really fun, especially when on chocolate buttercream.

A couple of people recently asked me about the boxes I use -- BRP Box Shop is a fantastic resource for boxes of all shapes and sizes. You have to buy in quantities of 100, but if you've got the room and/or the business, it's totally worth it. You can also email them and they'll send you free samples. Their cupcake holders are the best - nothing's worse than a box full of smooshed cupcakes!

Aileen's cupcakes

Aileen's cupcakes
Love the color contrast!

Aileen's cupcakes

Aileen's cupcakes boxed up and ready to go
All boxed up and ready to go