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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Olivia's Owl Cake and Cupcakes

Olivia's owl cake and cupcakes

I probably say/think/write this a lot, but Owls for Olivia is probably my favorite project. My style has always leaned more towards whimsical rather than realistic and this was definitely no exception. Olivia's favorite colors were purple and pink, so realism went right out the window!

I found some great line drawings of owls online and started from there. The decorations are all out of gumpaste or fondant and the letters are Tappits. Cake and cupcakes were vanilla bean cake with vanilla buttercream.

Olivia's owl cake close up
I want to do a whole cake covered in these "feathers"

Olivia's owl cupcakes
I say this a lot, but these boxes and holders are the best.

Olivia's owl cupcake
baby owl

Olivia's owl cake and cupcakes
as usual, all photos taken by the lovely and talented Doug Schneider.

I realized today, after reading this post on the super cute My Owl Barn (for all owlovers), that I never blogged about these guys. Thanks for the mention and the reminder!


maverick diva said...

oh my goodness! that is the most precious cake and cupcakes i have ever seen!! i want want want want

Sara Schneider said...

Belatedly responding to this - but THANKS for your kind words!

Caroline's Cake Company said...

I love your Owl - so cute!

Sara Schneider said...

thanks, Caroline!

Candi said...

I love this cake! How did you do the feathers? So cute